Here you will find links to monologue sites upon which I have found some good monologues. – monologues for men and women. Grouped in “Monologues for Men” and “Monologues for Women”. Contains teen monologues, comedy monologues, dramatic monologues, sentimental monologues, etc. Very good site. – Lots of good monologues from films for people of varying demographics. Also contains monologues from television and stage productions. Huge site. Highly recommended. – A very well-organized site with a great amount of material from many different Shakespearean plays. Separated into men’s and women’s monologues. Further separated into Comedies, Tragedies, and Histories. Highly recommended. – A large number of monologues, separated into Comedy and Drama. Good site. for_kids_and_teens.htm – About 20 different quality monologues of varying genres for kids and teens, plus links to other monologue sites. Good site. Highly recommended. – Numerous monologues from many different plays for all demographics. Organized into demographic categories and alphabetically by playwright. Mainly classical monologues. Contains links to other resources. Good site. – Monologues as well as links, videos, and both one-act and full-length plays courtesy of G.L. Horton. Good site. – Lots of good monologues, of varying lengths, all of which are from plays. Sortable by name of character delivering monologue or by author’s last name. Also has a “Favourites” page with what the webmaster considers to be the best monologues on the site. Some monologues may require editing of the content in order to be used for school purposes. – Three quality monologues for teenagers. Following the link back to the main page of the site will yield further resources. Good site. – Many links to external monologue sites, although it has no monologues on its own site. Also has links to sites with audition advice and general drama tips. Very good site, if you ignore the numerous advertisements.

For some monologue hints and tips, try these sites:

How To Choose The Perfect Monologue – A Hop Studios/N2 Arts article about how to choose the perfect monologue (No, really? I never would have guessed from the title of the link!)

Monologue Tips by Jeremy Whelan’s Dozen Do’s and Do Not Do’s of monologue preparation and performance, as written by director Jeremy Whelan. Deals mainly with auditions. The author seems to favour subjective acting over objective acting, but if you can ignore his bias, it’s a really good site.

I have also obtained some monologues written by students at the school! Legal disclaimer: I have permission from the authors to post these monologues on this site. Remember: If you have written something drama-related (like a monologue, play, or review of a play that you saw) that you would like to see me put on the site, all you have to do is ask! My E-mail address is on the Drama Council Contacts web page, or you can find me at school. Please don’t be shy, I don’t bite. The monologues are listed below.

Jeremiah – a monologue by Andrew Kipp from his novel Galaxy 2 000 000 000.
Duke Gravius – another monologue by Andrew Kipp from Galaxy 2 000 000 000.

Emperor BloodRider Nars-klan – a third monologue by Andrew Kipp from Galaxy 2 000 000 000.

What is Love? – another monologue by Andrew Kipp- this time on the topic of love.

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  1. It’s looking good, Mike. Nice job so far.

  2. Woot! Go independant research!

  3. The site is looking really good so far (and not because my name and material is on it). Love the graphics, Mike. Keep up the good work.

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