“Oh no! I have to find a play to direct for my Director’s Craft class!”

“Wherever will I find a play to direct extracurricularly?”

“I need to find a play to analyze for class! Where will I ever find one that’s suitable?”

“I need to study how plays are written so I can write one of my own!”

How many times has this or a similar thing happened to you? Well, in addition to the plays found in the books that the school has, I have been able to dig up some web sites that have plays on them. So, if for whatever reason you need to find a play quickly, here are some good resources:– A very good, well-organized web site with plays divided into 8 categories based on the time period in which they were written, and many sub-categories based on playwright. Also has links to other drama-related sites.

Remember: in order to put on a production of one of the plays on these sites you may need to contact the playwright or holder of performance rights for that play and obtain their written permission to perform their play.


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